midlife_confusionThis website can be a bit daunting, can’t it? There is so much information, how do you find what you are looking for or where do you start? You need midlife crisis resources for a bunch of subtopics.
Well, start by registering at the forum. I send everyone who registers a long Newbie Instructions welcome message through the forum’s Private Message system. It’s also pasted in the thread I linked you to above.
Or maybe you just typed your question in Google and landed here for the first time. Well Welcome! Certainly go through this list, but I also recommend that you check out The Article List which lists all articles at the main site as well as the Blog Articles List which lists all articles at the blog—you just have to click Expand All to see more than the most recent posts.
This post is sort of like an FAQ list, but not exactly. I have created it based on common keyword searches—so for some of the headings I’ve listed different phrases that are similar or related, that way newcomers who may find this page based on their specific keywords and questions can find answers. Below the headings I have listed articles at either the main site or the blog where you can find those types of midlife crisis resources and occasionally I have listed some forum topics. The forum topics listed here are located at the archived topis board which is only accessible if you are registered at the forum, so if you want to read those threads, you will need to register and login–topics that are more recent are located on the community board which is open to everyone. Some of the articles are the first of a series for that entire topic, so when you get to the bottom, follow the next arrow to keep reading if it’s on the main site or the series menu if you are at the blog. I may have repeated a few links if an article fits under a few of the headings.


Surviving Midlife Crisis
Can My Marriage Survive a Midlife Crisis?
Is there Hope for Midlife Crisis Marriages?
How Do I Stop a Divorce?
Making it Through a Male Midlife Crisis with Your Marriage Intact
How to Cope With Midlife Crisis Husband
How to Deal With A Wife Having A Midlife Crisis
How to Help Your Wife Through Midlife Crisis

Do Midlife Crisis Affairs Last?
Marriage During Midlife Crisis to Affair Partner

Midlife Crisis Stages
Midlife Crisis Phases
Characteristics of Midlife Crisis
How Long Is a Midlife Crisis?
Can a Midlife Crisis Only Last A Few Months?
Does Midlife Crisis End?
Midlife Crisis What to Expect
Does Midlife Crisis Get Worse

Why do Midlife Crisis Spouses Want to Keep in Contact Even Though They’ve Left?

Clinging Boomerangs

Forum Topic

Midlife Crisis and Leaving Home
Midlife Crisis and Running

I Love You But I’m not In-Love with You

Midlife Crisis Personality Disorder
Midlife Crisis and Narcissism
Is a Midlife Crisis a Real Mental Illness?
Is the Response to Midlife Crisis a Mental Illness?
Mental Illness and Midlife Crisis
Midlife Crisis or Mental Illness?
Midlife Crisis Psychosis
Bipolar Disorder and Midlife Crisis
Midlife Crisis Brain

Forum Topics (listed in chronological order of topic start date)

About and What to Do

Midlife Crisis Affair
Midlife Crisis and Infidelity
Dealing With Husband’s Midlife Crisis Affair

Midlife and Divorce

Midlife Crisis Depression
Depression and Midlife Crisis
Midlife Crisis Depression

Forum Topics (listed in chronological order of topic start date)

Midlife Anger
Midlife Crisis Monster

Forum Topics

Midlife Crisis Husband Wants Cake


Forum Topics

Clinging Boomerangs

Forum Topic

Midlife Crisis Stories

Tools and Boundaries

No Contact




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