I’ve always thought that what do you want is a good question to ask yourself. I still do. But sometimes a different question will help you to break through to your own discovery and healing. Think about these questions for a moment.

  • What am I being given?
  • What is God offering me?
  • What do I have to offer?

Sometimes God puts a roadblock in our path to encourage is to take another route. He’s not saying it can’t be done, or you can’t achieve that goal; sometimes he’s saying, go around the other way.
We don’t like that other way. For Standers it may involve living through betrayals like infidelity, abandonment, divorce as well as Monster behavior. For me, at this time in my life, it means be a mommy to the child I’m giving, not the fantasy you wish I were giving. I can type that out with intellectual understanding, but don’t think for a moment my emotions have caught up yet. I’ve been doing the meditation challenge though, and this is what I am hearing.

My Offering
I have love to offer. I course I have other things, but everything distills to love. So what can I do with that? I have said that I want to be a mommy, I’m not trying to rescue a child. I feel bad for saying it, but it is honest. But God told me that I when I open myself up to the experience, I will be a mommy to the child that needs rescuing. Though in honesty I must tell you that I edited that last sentence to change if to when and can to will; that way I am manifesting. God probably meant when and will anyway, but in my fear and doubt it’s easy to hear those other words.
I will love the child God gives me. I’ve always known that. But I’ve been dictating to God the child he should give me. It doesn’t work that way. Are you dictating to God how your marriage should be? How he should fix it, how your husband should be acting…Are you focusing on shoulds?
Focus on love. It’s something we all have to offer. With love comes forgiveness and grace. That doesn’t mean you are required to forgive or that it will be easy. I think of it a little like Luther’s doctrine of justification by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. Works are a byproduct of grace and faith; in that same manner, forgiveness is a byproduct of love. It takes effort, but without love there can be no forgiveness. I’m not talking about romance; I’m talking about love, loving your neighbor, your enemy, your friend, your Self…agape.
So that is what I am going to do. I am going to fill my circumstances with love. Not only am I going to accept the process, I am going to bless it. You are being given an opportunity too. Maybe it is the opportunity to have some space and time to your Self. Maybe it is the opportunity to reassess your life. Maybe it is the opportunity to question where you want to go in the future? Likely it is all of those opportunities. I know, you may not have wanted them; you may not have thought you needed them. But they are their anyway. Love the situation you are in. Did I just say that? I know the situations you are in. I was there. But yes, I said it and I meant it. It’s part of choosing joy even in circumstances you wish were different and trust me, I wish my circumstances were different and that my body would let me carry a child. But wishing without acting will only leave me childless and I want whatever children God will share.
Are you stuck at the roadblock
What will it take for you to go around?
What is the other route?
Is it scary–why?
How might it be more productive and healthier?
So how do you answer those questions above?

What are you being given or offered?
What do you have to offer?
The Meditation Challenge

Are you doing the meditation challenge?
How is it going for you?
What messages are you receiving?
Is it changing your perspective–how?


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