• Ladyinwaiting says:

    I wrote the Dr. Phil show several months after bd. They actually emailed me back and asked if my h and alienator would appear. I asked h….he said no. So much for my 15 minutes. Actually I was just desperate at that time to try to work on our marriage. H did not.

  • When I first spoke with the Dr. Phil producer, he asked if I could find couples who would agree to go on with the younger alienator. I said that I would advise anyone coming from me to not go on if the alienator was included. The producer accepted that and took the alienator attending off the table.
    But as you experienced, most MLCers won't go anyway. I think that is why the producer asked me to help. You'd think they'd have plenty of submissions and they probably do. You submitted, but since he woulnd't go your submission went nowhere, I bet a lot are like that.
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