• pty says:

    Just read this, and I must say I love the use of the foundation v. seed analogy. I think with much being made of facebook hook-ups of past loves, like my wife's, though they have a past, they do not have a history, and that is a big difference

  • Petal says:

    Its is so perfectly put. The realisation strikes at some point when they have to choose…. The pain is for lbs to go through n watch while the alienator gets his best behaviuor till the flaws set in! Karma comes god is there patience n loads of tolerance ……

  • evans says:

    i would love to believe this, but this woman has such a strong hold on my husband. As soon as he gets too close she gets her claws in and he withdraws. It always about his priorities with her. The affair is in its 5th year and she stil has so much power over him and he is not some1 that any1 can control. What is her force? It has to be demonic. He visited twice in 1week took us for breakfast bought me an expensive bedset and gave me cash, he would have come around on friday for my son to install a radio in his car. But he never did and we have not heard of him., this is very mind boggling.

  • evans says:

    i treat my husband with love and respect, i have always. I stood by him when he was right or wrong. We both have very high standards in life. How could he fall for a woman who had so many different men and children with two of then and then sees her as an angel. She controls him, and he is the macho that no one can control. He is becoming as obsessive with neatness as this woman. I am not sure where to turn for help for my husband as the affair is in its 5th year. He is in acceptance of anything no matter how much he hates it. Can a woman control a mans mind like this without other forces? I have prayed i hav regular prayer requests for people to stand in thf gap for us but her force is so strong he gets pulled away by her current. One does not fight evil with evil but when wil God look down and see that Evans can handle this torture no more. I was tempted many times to seek the help od a psychic. Just when i see a ray of light coming through it gets doused by this woman. Why is she so powerful what has she that no one else have. All the other men abandoned her after a year or two why is my husband clinging?

  • evans says:

    well like God says the silly man builds without solid foundation, and the winds came and the stormp came and the house was washed awayp. The wise who built on a solid foundation could not be swept away.

  • lavendersmoke says:

    I actually used the term “authentic life”when talking with my MLC’r the other day. In one of the rare moments when we touch bases to see if we are ready to talk about “it”, (our relationship), yet. He said something like, “I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what this is about….” and I said “I thought it was about living an authentic life…..”. He said,”well those aren’t my words….”. He and I both know darn well where the term came from, LOL! Then he said, “no reason to get all mushy, but thankyou for being cool about this. I recognize and appreciate that. I hope that is worth something to you.” And walked away.

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