• Helen says:

    I think that the statement 'Prayer is not passive' is very true, we can see examples in the Bible of this: Jacob wrestling with the angel and the widow who pleaded her case with the judge. I find that crying out to God and pleading my case with Him is very 'bonding' – I feel that in the past, praying was rather 'difficult' and not very spontaneous on my part, now, it is becoming as natural as breathing. I am still struggling with listening, but I do feel that He is listening to me and that is a way of solving my pains.
    I don't really know if I am helping others, but I do let others know that I am praying and I ask them to pray for me – I know that a solution to my situation will help many to believe and give hope.
    Prayer is action where other forms of action are useless.

  • Tedthib75 says:

    Amen! All through the bible it is apparent that God expects us to do our part in things. You can pray for a job but if you don’t go out and fill applications you will never get one. Same thing applies with our everyday struggles as a LBS, What’s the issues broke down one by one? Pray for those and move forward in them also. For example; Loneliness, Pray for help with that and get up, out of the house and join a club/ group/ Church. Be open to God’s will in whatever it may be. Good stuff keep it coming!

  • leftylulu says:

    Because of this crisis I haver learned to actively pray and better yet I have learned to be still so I can here the answer. I have found prayer to be a very powerful tool in all aspects of my life. I also realized how much God actually carried me through a lot of this and know he actively walks alongside side me just in case I need a helping hand. I hold conversations most of the day with Him most of the time we are cracking jokes. It's a wonderful feeling to know that He is there when needed. I thank him on a daily basis and I seem to lead a much fuller life.

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