• Sideways says:

    RCR.I found this article very validating. I went through terrible anxiety and panic attacks. I found the information on here so helpful even after it has been 2 years since BD. I felt ALL of the symptoms. I tis so healing to read exactly what I went through and because of the stress, cannot remember to have put it into words aas you have here. Thanks so much for putting this out.

    • Rollercoasterider says:


      I decided to write this series because of concern for those who feel they are not doing well and are failures. This sends them even into more panic. But their responses are normal.
      The Emergency Response and Exhaustion portions are minor in the series; I included them because they are part of General Adaptation Syndrome, but the series is really about stress. There are two more sections in the Stress Response that go into some more depth.
      My recent post Stress Response I

  • rosie2010 says:

    yes to everything – i felt it all and still feel some of it. After 3 years, the biggest change in how I feel? At first, my husband leaving affected everything in my life – it was my life! In a way I felt I (the wife) ceased to exist – and my life ceased to exist. Now, I function on a different level – yes, I am getting divorced (not my choice) but I have my identity back separate from my marriage. Small example: I can go to the grocery store without feeling that I have a "disease" and that there is a sign on my back that people can read that says – her husband left her for another woman …. Pretty weird how it was so ALL encompassing for such a long time. I breathed, ate, and slept it and I never thought it would end. I'm still not all the way there yet, but I'm a person dammit! I'm me and that's good.

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