• Brokenlady says:

    Hi to you all x boy your not wrong over a year since the speech I love you but blah blah thretened to leave but didn’t ! Then oct just gone’ 13 another BD ! Left moved in with OW 2 years the affair had been going on what a fool I was ! Came home begging and crying full of remorse lasted 3 weeks kicked him out new years eve !!! Still in contact with her!!! Not living with her at his mums visits me and regular contact remorseful and tearful but says he’s not ready to come home but I’m sure he’s still in contact with her!!!!! Lately been here a bit monastery I’m at a loss now I’m a mess cycling with him I know what iv got to do but it’s so hard !! I havnt a clue where he is in the tunnel I’m sure he keeps running back in xxx thank god for this site it does give me hope 4months in I don’t know if I can keep this up been together 36 years married 30 x help somebody x trying so hard to be strong he’s had no begging and pleading from me sees me being strong and coping but behind closed doors well you all know what that’s like xxxxx

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