• Progress says:

    My husband is in a transition/crisis. He read the book, liked it, and gave it to me to read. He said that the author talks about getting though the transition, but does not explain how to get through the transition. I read the book, and found that the author outlined exactly how to get through it. I told my husband that I disagreed with him and found that the book does outline how to get through it. He asked me to explain and I breifly touched on some of what the author was saying. I suggested he read it again if he was looking for a way to get through it. I guess it depends on where the reader who is going though transition is at and how receptive they are when they read it.

    • Rollercoasterider says:

      "How" implies a controlled manner if a person wants to know how to do something. If they want to know how something will happen that is different.
      William Roberts outlined the stages and some may consider that how a person will go through, but that is not telling a person how to do it.
      How do you separate?
      How do you face the Shadow, the anima…?
      He does answer those, but the answers are within a guided context rather than alone.
      Is what Robersts saying instructive–how to? Or is it about?
      Steps for Transitioning is not likesteps for making chocolate chip cookies. Transition is subjective and specific to each individual.
      I can see how someone already in transition might see it as less instructive than someone who is not since the person in transition is already questioning, doubting and confused.
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