• Brokenlady says:

    My dear mlc survivors and all that are living it now . My husband suffered every symptom every stage of this dreadful mlc everything you read is fact take my advice and read read read all you can , my husband suffered the ultimate price for his antics I was a stander for 4 years my bomb drop was 2 years ago ilybinilwy !! Dropped me to the floor all the sights before that of detachment and emotional void we have been together for 36 years since I was 16 , 5 children and 8 grandchildren ! After emotional torture for 2 years him leaving to be with her (pond scum) for 3 weeks begged to come home , then left then back then left then back never once did I beg all his decisions I saw the crying small child the stroppy mean talking teen and small glimpses occasionally of my sweet lovely man I knew he was in there somewhere . He finally returned home in aug2014 he was broken totally frightened and suicidal we all did all we could to tell him we loved him and supported him 100% sadly on March 7th 6 weeks ago he took his own life saying before he would never forgive himself for what he had done . The pain we are going through as a family is indescribable I’m grieving all over again only this time no text messages or visits or calls (he was a clingy boomerang) he was my best friend and my husband and he was tortured by his past and what he had become , if Iv learnt anything from all this it is that mlc is a serious and damaging emotional mal function and global serious awareness is a must , I found my husband my love and I cannot sleep eat or fiction properly mlc took my husband my family and my heart

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