• Angela Schoen says:

    Sorry, but after the little research I've made about the book, I have the impression that the author is trying to justify her own affair.

    I'm a LBS, so the book is not for me, nor would I suggest it to anyone considering having an affair – it would be the same as saying "go for it, it is ok".

    What was this author thinking? Are we all gaga or what??????

    For those who actually bought the book, sorry about your money!

  • orwhatyouwill says:

    I agree it sounds like the author is working through justifying her own affair. Who knows. RCR, have you ever read Broken Open. I felt that this was also written to validate the author's affair and affairs in general: http://www.amazon.com/Broken-Open-Difficult-Times

    There is no comparing an affair partner to a spouse. When I was in MC, our counselor told my WS straight out that he could not compare the two. One is a drug, a fantasy. The other is history and day-to-day life, bills, kids, stress. Under the influence of the affair, there is no way to calmly and rationally compare the two and see the spouse coming out on top. The brain chemicals prevent clear thinking. Then we could get into the whole anima projection side of it.

    Thanks for your reviews, RCR. I like reading them.

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