• V.R. says:

    I totally agree with you regarding the psychic! A good psychic will not give an advice-and when they see a bad prediction, they explain twhat they “see” but temind her clienys that everyone one is always the master of one’s destiny! Bad predictions are taken to prevent situations from happening while the good prediction has to be pursued! The psychic was a PRO-DIVORCE!

    I see Lesser as somebody with zero “confidence..was not sure of what she wanted !, not even what to do anout her marriage and husband.She is obviously so guilty for having an affair, and no humility at all towards
    her husband – wrote more about the psychic
    instead of her husband !
    I think her husband got so mad at her that he must have been the one who divorced her.
    I can understand her husband, she must be a very disturbed person after commiting adultery, after all she was training people about attaining peace tru spirituality and what a mess she did!

  • hosea_gomer says:

    RCR – as for refraining from applying "shoulds" – I clearly distinguish between saying "Lesser shouldn't have had an affair" and "Lesser shouldn't have left the husband". There is a definite yes to the former while the latter cannot be decided without inside knowledge, you're righ there. None of us has sufficient data to judge if Lesser did the right thing in leaving the marriage; but neither did Lesser herself; she couldn't possibly have known what a trial reconciliation might have brought on as she never tried. This information you only have if you do try…and I can see only very few reasons not to try and none if the husband repented for any transgressions

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