• orwhatyouwill says:

    Thanks RCR! Definitely a warning to standers that the Sharp books are very difficult to read. I found them helpful in their ugliness… I felt like they gave me a glimpse into the inner spew that was my MLCer's head and this helped me let go and focus on myself.

  • being a lighthouse says:

    This is a very interesting topic, and as a buddhist I shall respond. firstly from what I know of the time he lived in Siddhartha's family was not the "love bond/choice" of marriages we have today, it would have been an arranged marriage and he and his wife would have lived a formal structured existence.
    if you jump to the writings on Nichiren Daishonin (a 13th century monk) he encouraged women equally to men, wrote beautifully about marriage and encouraged a unity based on faith, that would overcome the inequalities of mediaeval Japan. (he encouraged one troubled follower to "stay at home and drink sake with his wife" ) and the current lay leader Daisaky Ikeda , his wife made a choice to support her husband in his mission as lay leader, I believe she prepared a special meal and even made a ceremony of it to "allow" him to follow his mission as a world leader, she supports him, but they have a unity of respect and faith .
    I have also, as a creative woman, started engaging in discussing Virginia Wolf's concept that a woman writer needs to kill the angel in the house . Coventry Patmore wrote a poem about wifely duties (in the 19th century) and Wolf was saying that in order to write, "that" ideal of woman would have to be killed. I don't think the two things are unconnected, the quest to follow your mission /be creative.
    For me the angel in the house of my marriage is dead. and may never return. that has been part of my journey.
    We don't know what conversations happened when Siddharta left the palace, when Ghandi followed his mission or when Jesus' disciples talked to their families. but times have moved on and women have a voice. long may this discussion continue it is a good one .

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