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    Thanks for talking about these books. I agree they don't support marriage. I found them extremely hard to read and extremely hard to accept. But I wondered if this was the Jungian reality that I was fighting against facing… that the psyche required. Here's part of what I wrote in my reading journal about the 2nd book: "There is much description of the anima and how the change in the anima is reflected in the outward changes of the midlife crisis, the replay, the girlfriend(s), the confusion and depression and all that. It is just presented so matter-of-factly, like in the first book. The psyche demands these changes and the human being is powerless but to follow if he wants to stay alive. This is literally life and death. I just don’t really buy this, even though I see it happening. I do not, cannot, believe that we are powerless to internal forces. Sharp says this often leads to divorce and that it’s a good thing because most marriages are just hanging on for no reason and not meeting anyone’s needs. Really? … I cannot imagine that the psyche requires people to become so narcissistic that they must do this to their loved ones in order to stay alive. I cannot imagine that this is why we are here. I cannot imagine that there is no choice. Yet I see it playing out in my life and it’s presented in these books with no moral comment. It is what it is."

    Here's what I wondered… if other Jungian books present the *theory* and this presents what it might look like *in practice*. It's murky and ugly and hard to look at. But this did shed some light for me on what might be inside my WS's screwed up head. Anyway, food for thought (for me).

    Thanks for posting about them. Difficult reads.

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