• dee says:

    Thank you. Great article.

  • fred says:

    Just after I found out about the affair. My exW took out a restraining order on me. She then baited me by texting me that I was wrong, her family knew what kind of person she was and I should just keep my mouth shut. I was pissed off and, by now, I had plenty of evidence. I texted her back. Threw the evidence her face and threatened to expose her to her family.
    She put me in jail for three days and I had to go to six months of counseling to pay my debt to society. As far as I know. The threat of exposure. I never actually told anybody about the evidence I had. Just the threat drove her into depression. That was a year and a half ago. I'm still waiting for her to progress through the crisis.
    And. No contact is a Godsend. I couldn't have handled her if I had to see her all the time.

    • Christine says:

      My husband is gone with the ow for 18 months now. It,s been real hard for me. I started "no contact" two months ago. It really is a godsend. It's tempting to speak to him sometimes, but I am much better this way.

  • anonymous says:

    I exposed husband affair partner to his catholic family ‘ and why should she be able to have the respect she don’t deserve after all she is married 2 children n bonking her husband and mine .. BTW what a pig .. since they both are scumbags

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