• evans says:

    My husband or shall I say ex affair down in every way. It’s six years and they are still happy together. He has just posted pics of him and her as profile pic on Facebook. I thought such things will no longer hurt, but still does a little.

  • Happy Aussie says:

    My now ex had an affair for 20 yrs; towards the end I found out that he was also having a affair with 2 so called friends all at the same time….ha ha busy man. Now the 20 yr mistress is no longer, 1 ex-friend no longer and 3rd on her way out. Our children havent spoken to him in 18 months; he has no friends left; The children and I for 2 yrs were in the state of shock; we have now slowly recovered and getting back to normal life. He is now not in a good place and I am guessing regretting his action; I feel sorry for him and forgive him but I will never forget……NO. I do this for myself so I do not become bitter and twisted. Its taken a long time to get to this place; I was very lucky that I had my children, family and friends supporting us. Time is a great healer.

  • 36 years says:

    When my ex married his affair down I could not believe it. He had fired her years earlier for being the company wh_ re. She has two teenage children and she was 10 when my husband and I had our first child. His world appears to be falling apart but he is much too proud to admit it. I stand and pray for his salvation because I believe God has called me to do so. Caring less for him each day. Time is truly a healer. His children no longer know him and the grandkids feel distant from him. He has lost so much I now pity him. The OW treats him terribly but he must like it because he continues to stay.

  • orwhatyouwill says:

    A few weeks ago, 6 years post bomb drop, my ex married his bipolar soulmate (who also blew up her own marriage/family of 3 children). Crazy is what he wanted. Crazy is what he gets. I saw her facebook page once (by mistake) and it was covered with stuff about being bipolar, so she actually is diagnosed. She certainly acted crazy during the time I knew about her and the details I knew about their affair. I'm sad this woman is now my kids' step mom. I don't look forward to sharing their life events with her. 🙁

  • Sarah says:

    My ex (married to him for 20 yrs.)is currently involved with his borderline personality soul mate. My kids won't have anything to do with her and he can't figure out why. Hmmm, because maybe kids can see right through people. How I am handling it is by letting him be and feeling very sorry for what he is headed into. Be strong all of you guys out there in these types of similar situations. Things happen for a reason that we can't explain, but in the end we all will be happy. Happiness is from within. Have faith that you are being led down the path you are suppose to take. One thing I have held so sacred is this statement. In order to get through it, you need to go through it! Let the pain that you feel only be temporary. Go out and live your life as the person you want to be and not the person somebody else expects you to be. Lastly, make the most of the little moments of joy. This life we have can be a crazy at times, but let those moments go and surround yourself with people that make you laugh, smile, cry and feel at ease.

  • Mila K says:

    Nice post.

  • The main issue is this: breaking so as to have begun a new relationship trust,this likewise sows the seeds of concealed judgements,judgements that will develop and circle back around to gradually eat away at your choices.A person can run just so far before needing to begin managing the very issues that created the past arrangement of relationship issues eating away at the prior relationship.The initial couple of months of any affair may feel magical,yet sooner or later judgment and past patterns will crawl over into the circumstance to bring about the vast majority to repeat the seeds of emergency they were running away from.

    Amy Pearson.

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  • Mary says:

    I am the one who had an affair. It was with an old coworker I barely knew. But my girlfriends always said he was soooo handsome. Started online. Oh he said such beautiful things. I got hooked immediately. Months went by. Then he came to see me. I was so flattered to have been picked by a guy everyone thought was such a stud. We had sex twice the week he showed up. He was more handsome and had a better body than my husband. But the sex was awful. He had such a little winkie, was in a hurry, didn’t know what foreplay was, had erectile problems. Treated me like a whore. After that he wanted video chat so he could masterbate. Hounded me nonstop fore nude pictures. Always wanted me to tell him how good in bed he was. We met one more time and that was even worse. More ED issues. Took 20 minutes for the pain to go away. He wasn’t the charming guy he started out as. He turned into an insecure controlling jerk. He could talk…that’s all he had. At 44 he didn’t have a clue how to please a woman in bed. Not even close to my husband. Did I affair down? You bet I did. It was the worst time of my life. It was the stupidest thing I have ever done. Affair down? Don’t go by the looks. He had the looks, that was about it. As a person he was a total loser.

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