• JoLinda says:

    This is a very good article, for all.

  • Jennifer says:

    I guess im a newbee..i think the bomb drop was a year and a half ago..my husband was on a cheating site..i found out and he told me ” look at me im going on 46 i have no teeth my job stinks im getting old” we cried together i forgave him and understood no one is perfect and we all make choices. 6 weeks ago he just up and left. Moved to another state but kept in contact he even helped me with rent money told me he still loves me…then 2 weeks ago he sais he dosnt see us having a future. We werent fighters we had a great loving always together relationship. We wrote each other little letters all the time. Now he has stopped talking to me and our kids. We just became grandparents a year ago we have been together 17 years. Now he has just cut us all off and seems almost cruel. He snapped. Is this the monster phase? Im giving him his space and his time. Im doing things for myself and my family. Im the foundation and the stronger of the 2 of us. I truly wish to save my marriage.im making changes ..changes he asked for before he stopped talking to us and changes that i feel i also need for myself. Yes i still at 46 cry myself to sleep but get up the next day and try to do the best i can to go about my life and daily activities. Im praying he stops seeing what he dosnt have and wakes one day to remember what he does have.i know this is foolish since he has cut us all off. But as i do what needs to be done a certain percent of my head and all of my heart hopes he returns. Am i a fool? Is it to soon to tell? Any advice? Please and thank you

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