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  1. Depression is murkiness filling your heart,encompassing your soul.Everything takes so much energy.Individuals around you don't understand,you're doing the best you can Responsibilities overwhelm,desires you can't meet measure vigorously,Sorrow fills you until there is no room for whatever else.Strength to battle,to discover bliss and love,gradually leaks from your soul.Endless days without trust loom before you,enveloping you in the haziness.

    @Marion Taylor.

  2. So my husband was full bore in replay from May to the beginning of October. He then stopped going out every night and staying out all day on the weekends. This has been going on for a month now. He still goes out for a few hours every Saturday and sometimes on Sunday. When he is home we rarely talk and he is on Facebook a lot or watching TV. Is he leaving or out of replay? He doesn’t seem to be depressed but he has withdrawn from me more than before. He has started reconnecting with our daughter, wanting to spend more time with her.

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