What Happens When You Meet an Archetype and Discover She is Real?1 Comment

  1. RCR, I just saw your story (K-R&C) on Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal tv show. You’re truly an inspirational woman! 😀

  2. When your posts on BSs’ blogs are sometimes met w/derision I feel it’s b/c they don’t know your story of pain & victory.

  3. Btw I’ve recommended your website to BSs & WSs LONG b4 I saw you on tv. (I know you don’t use those acronyms, but I do.)

    • Wow, thanks!
      I've been reading along over at the Bubsy's blog as well and am now reading through all of the comments on the post you linked. It's sparking a blog post in me too and I want to head over to Susan's blog–for other readers, Susan is the alienator. She is still with her affair partner after his divorce.

      • RCR, your opinion: do you feel my (very honest & LONG) post to Susan (along w/my story) was detailed enough?

      • RCR I DO want yr opinion re my long/honest “Susan” answer. My age/experiences solidify my views; but I value yr insight.

        • Sorry, I've been meaning to respond, but I have received about 6 coaching requests in a matter of days. It seems to work this way–weeks with nothing and then they come all at once.
          I thought it was just right. You gave plenty of details and you left yourself open to hearing from her rather than coming off as the self-righteous spouse who did not cheat.
          I started reading her blog too–I went back and copied ALL of it to MSWord. But then those coachings came in and so it will have to wait. I think it is an excellent blog for betrayed spouses to have a glimpse into the mind of alienator–her fears and how much she worries and thinks about the spouse–all the insecurities. And she writes well.

          • Thank you for your response, RCR. May God continue to bless you in your mission to PRESERVE and STRENGTHEN marriages, instead of destroying them!

            1981 🙂

  4. RCR, at the insistence of my therapist (I was suicidal) I revealed a SHAMEFUL secret in my LONG 4/4 & 4/6 comments to…

  5. RCR, did U get a chance to read my comments on my 5/2/13 7:16pm/7:53pm/8:09pm posts to U above?

  6. I admire you, RCR, b/c I’m a FIRM believer that COUNTLESS marriages are saved b/c of Standers like you! {HUGS}

    1981 🙂

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