Why Did I Believe It Was Over?3 Comments

  1. I don't think that former "trust" is ever restored, sadly not just to your partner, but EVERYONE you ever knew/know or get to know. Forever more, there is a quiet little voice in your ear, urging you to proceed with caution. It's a tragic thing to feel foolish about having "trusted" someone so completely. I felt like it was my own fault in some bazaar way. As nobody should ever burden another with that much trust.

    Silly me!

  2. Trust is not an Unconditional! Agape is unconditional. Grace is unconditional. Forgiveness is unconditional. But Trust must be earned and deserved. Do not NOT NOT NOT give your Trust without consistent evidence through time.

    I GIVE 2 THUMBS UP TO THIS QUOTE As I have told my friends, "my trust bone has been severely broken" It takes time to mend severe breaks. It isn't impossible but it is definitely NOT and should not be expected in an instant or even a month or two.

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