Hypnosis: Don’t Think of the Color Blue5 Comments

  1. Jim,

    I am so sorry you are going through this.
    Let me ask you something:
    Why are you waiting? What does waiting mean to you?
    Are you a man who is waiting rather than living? Or are you a man who is living by doing and if so, what are you doing?
    Standing, unlike waiting, is not still.

    Have you joined the forum? It's not just left behind ladies over there; we have men too. Participating really does make a difference.

  2. I am standing again. I don’t know how to stop loving her. I came from a broken home and that is the last thing I want for my family. 1 son who is 21 and living with his wife and 2 girls at home. 1 with me and the youngest with her. I am off work right now severely depressed.

    • See your doctor about your depression. And…are you seeing a counselor? If you can find an available therapist on the Marriage Friendly Therapist registry, I recommend doing that. It would be an extra benefit that a therapist be marriage friendly, but at least for now the focus needs to be on helping you through this depression. And get over to the forum!
      And since you are leaving these comments on the hypnosis post I'll put in a plug for that as well. Hypnotherapy really helped me. It helped me to redirect my focus to me while detaching. I did not stop loving Chuck either and I did not hate him which is also a risk when dealing with MLC. I focused on me, detached and strengthened my commitment and determination to Stand.

      • I am seeing a psychologist and a Christian counselor. I have been in patient and out patient therapy. All has helped. I have found God again and He is my greatest strength. My wife is also going to the Christian counseling which is her 4th including a other Christian counseling all of which except the one she is seeing all told her to divorce me along with mine. The ones we are seeing now actually believe in trying to make the marriage work. I just need to have faith and let God do His work on both of us.

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