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  1. I completely agree with you. One of the things I got from H's mlc was to understand that I needed time to think and be and that I had to try to find ways to combat the negative thoughts. Two things worked for me- visualisations & learning to ride. I used to imagine H & the OW and then shrink them down to the size of a postage stamp and then cover it with my foot. I had never ridden before but had always wanted to and it is great as physical exercise and also as a mental discipline. As an absolute beginner I had to concentrate so that I didn't fall off. Over time I realised that horse are incredibly intuitive and pick up on their riders mood. You can't pretend to a horse. The fact that horses make me happy was a great help but also focussing on the horse and what we were trying to achieve shifted the negative thoughts.

    An additional benefit was that I made new friends

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